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    Whooping cranes are an endangered species although the population was never high due to over hunting in the 1800s. In the 1940s Sandro Wagner Trikot , the population decreased even more to less then 20. Due to the Whooping Crane’s low population, bird care organizations do not allow them to go outside a protected area and they are now protected by law. Their habitat is very limited because they need clean wetlands, and there are only a few left. Notably, a small area of Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Canada and in the Southern US states near the coast. Organizations are working to increase the crane population that today is about 377.

    Whooping cranes have white feathers Manuel Neuer Trikot , long pointed bills and long necks. Cranes also have long thin black legs. However, they do not use their legs for swimming as when cranes are not standing in the water, they fly around their environment with the neck straight out in front and legs trailing behind. Cranes have noticeable black tips on the ends of each wing that you can see when they are flying with their young. Younger cranes do not have white feathers, although they are almost the same height as older cranes; they have brown feathers that gradually turn white when they grow older.

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