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    Hemorrhoids occur when the veins in the anal region get dilated. Depending on their location Authentic Michael Jordan Jersey , they are classified as internal or external hemorrhoids. The external hemorrhoids are placed below the skin near the anus. Hemorrhoids are also known as piles.

    Symptoms of external hemorrhoids: Symptoms of hemorrhoids vary depending upon the severity at which they are present. Some of the symptoms are as follows:

    1. Pain around anus
    2. Itching in the rectal area
    3. Painful stool and blood passage
    4. Lumps in the skin near anus.

    Blood in stool is the high time you should start taking medications for your piles problem. Ayurvedic treatment for external hemorrhoids are very effective.

    Causes and Risk factors: Causes of piles may be many. It is mostly related to the irregular bowel habits that result into constipation. Constipation is a result of greasy, heavy food and less intake of water. In women hemorrhoids is also a result of pregnancy. Due to the expansion of uterus during childbirth, the skin and veins near anus may get a swelling and eventually form piles.

    Piles are bleeding and non-bleeding. As the name suggests, bleeding piles are associated with blood passage in stools. The nonbleeding piles are equally painful. Piles cause irritation and discomfort for the patient. It has a psychological effect too. Bleeding piles are responsible for weakness Authentic Renell Wren Jersey , dizziness and also anemia due to the frequent loss of blood. Treatment on time and improvement in diet and habits are compulsory if you want to get rid of piles.

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